Wednesday, February 13, 2008


You MUST watch the following videos from YouTube. What you will find is the most average looking, regular guy (he's a cellular phone salesman) who tried out on the show "Britain's Got Talent". Overall, I'm very tired of reality TV, but this guy is the best singer you will ever see. And, get this, he sings OPERA. He has a beautiful voice, and it will give you chills. Please watch, you will not be sorry. The first video starts out slow, but watch it, because it gives you a little background on this amazing man.

First audition:




Manish said...
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Manish said...

this guy is amazing! such a humble guy with an amazing talent. If Roger "the dodger" had an ounce of humility, public opinion of him would be so different. Go see Paul Potts in CT on March 5th!