Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jack Welch for President

I had CNBC on the TV this morning while getting ready for work (a morning ritual), and heard Jack Welch (one of the greatest businessmen of all time) give his thoughts on immigration. He makes so much rational sense. It is ashame none of the politicians have the guts to talk about immigration this way. It really is a solid plan. I think it resembles McCain's original plan, but, as per usual, McCain has had to alter his plan to sound more tough and conservative.

Watch this video...

Also, a new study demonstrates that illegal immigrants actually commit FEWER crimes than U.S. born citizens. Probably because the illegals are too busy working, doing the jobs that many Americans don't want to do.

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Anonymous said...

Heard Jack on Fast Money last night (they were in Miami), the cynic in me thought he might have been pandering to the audience. However, I must agree he has a rational point of view. How in the world could we deport 12MM people even if we wanted to? There is no question that they are a component to the economy and most are hard working people who just want to do better for their families. Pretty hard to think there isn't a more humane way to deal with immigration.