Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tip of the Day to Save Money During this Recession

My brother sent along a tip on razors.

How many of you use the fancy Gillette Mach 3 or Schick Quattro razors? They do a nice job of shaving your beard, but they do hurt the wallet (they over $1 per razor).

It turns out that razors don't get dull from shaving--modern razors are impervious to your beard (unless you had something like sand or dirt on your face). The tempered stainless steel blades get dull from RUST!

So if you want to extend the life of your razor, keep the blades from rusting by drying your razors thoroughly after using them. You can do it with a towel or with a hair dryer. Don't leave the blades wet. A recent study demonstrated that drying the blades increased the life of razors by 122%!! And, a person named Clark Howard of Atlanta used a 17-cent disposable razor for an entire year. He said he extended blade life by blotting his razor dry with a towel after use. That is absolutely amazing.


Jon said...

Another method is to buy a bottle of witch hazel and drop your razor into that every time after you shave. Witch hazel is a strong anti-oxidant which will prevent your razor from rusting.

julie said...

Interesting, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to carve out the 36 seconds a day that it would take me to do this.

Manish said...

compelling...shaving has been the bane of my morning existence and wallet for many years now....I am going to try and take the time to do this and see. I still think that blades dull quicker than they rust depending on how thick your beard is.

where does one get witch hazel?