Tuesday, February 19, 2008

That's Why They Call it "Hardball"

Huge win for Obama tonight in the Wisconsin primary. He gave another good speech as well. There is no doubt he inspires when he speaks. However, many of us are concerned about the actual 'substance' of his campaign.

Watch this amazing exchange between Chris Matthews and Texas State Sen. Kirk Watson. Watson came on MSNBC as an Obama supporter, but watch what happens when Matthews asked him to name one significant legislative accomplishment that Obama has had. Mr. Watson was absolutely dumb-founded. Matthews asked him again, and still the man had no answer.

At the end, Olbermann had the best quip, when he asked Matthews, "Can you name one significant accomplisment by the US Senate in the last 7 years?"

Sorry for the quality of the video...I video taped my TV screen with my camera.


Will said...

I gather by use of 'us' you are concerned about the substance of his campaign? at this point, it's not going to get any more substantial so it's time to join with Hillary and the worker bees (I briefly considered 'beavers' for the hard-working, results oriented animal metaphor but thought better of it). p.s. - before you ask, I can't think of anything Hillary's done either.

julie said...

I have to say I sort of agree with this guy on TV. Legislative accomplishments don't always point to future action anyway, and besides that - all our great presidents have been great orators. You can be a technical genius but that's not really being president is all about. You have a cabinet and advisers to be your technical geniuses and you have to be able to inspire.