Monday, February 25, 2008


Remember when Jerry Seinfeld would run into his nemisis Newman he would scoff and mumble under his breath, "Newman!" in disgust? (see this video if you don't remember).

Well, democrats are going to be saying "Nader" in the same tone with the same disgust.

That's right, Ralph "I cost Al Gore the Election in 2000" Nader, is running for president AGAIN (as an independent candidate). He announced it on his appearance on Meet the Press yesterday. You've got to admit, the man stands for principles, and does NOT pander. He has a point on a lot of his main issues.

However, he could tip the general election to the republicans again in 2008. Right now, McCain has a slight, but statistically insignificant lead in polls that hypothetically match him up either against Hillary or Obama.

If Nader steps in and gets 1-2% of the vote (most of which will come from the left), he will certainly help John McCain escape with a win for the presidency.


Will said...

Oh crap. Can we just give this guy a cabinet post???! Secretary of Yes of course you can speak your mind and be incredibly aggressive about narrow issues b/c you have no constituency and really aren't trying to be elected.

julie said...

Dems need to start a serious smear campaign against Ralph Nader and his gigantic ego. Maybe someone could diagnose him with narcissistic personality disorder and we'd be done with him.