Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday Eve

Just want to remind everyone that tomorrow is Super Tuesday. That's right, 24 primaries across the nation, including New York and Connecticut. Make sure to go out and vote. In CT, Obama and Hillary are in a dead heat (40% each) for the race on the Democratic side, so don't think your vote won't count. In the Republican race, McCain has a big lead over Romney in both CT and NY.

Here is the link to the latest poll:

Also, I attended the John McCain rally at Sacred Heart University on Sunday. It was pretty interesting...first time I have ever attended a political rally. McCain said the same things he usually does (biggest crisis is the fight against global Islamic extremism, we can't give up, we need to cut pork-barrel spending, we need to take care of the Veterans, he will hunt down Osama Bin Laden to the 'gates of hell'). He was there with Joe Lieberman and Senator Lindsay Graham.

There were plenty of protesters there as well. One rowdy student who kept heckling McCain for his position on the war had to be escorted out (he did not scream "Don't tase me bro!").

McCain is getting HAMMERED on conservative radio by the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity. They despise him (mostly because of his somewhat liberal position on immigration, the McCain-Feingold reform on campaign financing, and for his penchant to compromise with Democrats in order to get bills passed). But, it is McCain's maverick nature and his willingness to cross party lines on issues that makes him the best candidate for the Republicans. He is also a true war hero and has integrity. His war position may not be popular to the middle and to those on the left, but how can one support Romney instead? He is also very hawkish on the war, and has PANDERED on every single important conservative issue (see my previous posts, e.g., "I Hate Mitt Romney"). He cannot be trusted. He is a faux conservative. The only silver lining to Romney being the nominee for the Repubs will be that it would make it much more likely that Bloomberg would jump into the race.

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