Saturday, February 23, 2008

Academy Awards

The Oscars are on tomorrow night.

I would do an Oscar prediction piece, but I haven't seen all of the Best Picture nominees. From the ones that I have seen, I would say "No Country for Old Men" has the best shot. You are certainly welcome to write down your predictions in the comments section of this link.

While we are the topic of the Oscars, I have a little trivia question.

Can you name the actor who appeared in only 5 movies in his entire career (as a prominent supporting actor in all 5), and every single one of these movies was a nominee for "Best Picture"? (3 of the 5 actually won the award for Best Picture). Note: His career was cut short due to death from bone cancer.

Can you imaginge that? Five for five. What a short and brilliant career. Post your guesses in the comments section. I will tell you the right answer tomorrow.

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Will said...

dude, I just tuned into the Oscars to hear a really lame intro by stewart for harrison ford and a characteristically lifeless ford delivery. tell me the whole night wasn't like this. ahhh and diablo cody won for script writing. yecch, did she just call page 'super-human'? but touching exit w/ the choked-up shout out to the parents.

oh, and that trivia question is way too hard