Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Roger the Dodger

Hope you were able to catch some of the Clemens testimony today in front of the House committee. It was quite entertaining. Clemens was grilled by most of the panel regarding the inconsistencies in his story. A few of the congressman were very soft and praised him and his "work-out ethic". Clemens got emotional and fired at times, and, for the most part, sounded like an bumbling idiot when the holes in his story were pointed out and he was asked to comment.

Bottom line:

1. McNamee is a tool. His creditability is definitely in question after today (he admitted lying several times to investigators previously). But, I do think he is telling the truth about Clemens (he was dead-on about Pettite and Knobloch).

2. The panel read aloud Andy Pettite's testimony during his deposition last week and also revealed that Andy signed a sworn affidavit that Roger Clemens told him directly that he was using HGH. Pettite's wife also signed a sworn affidavit confirming this fact, because, "Andy tells his wife everything". Before this was revealed, Clemens said that Andy is a very respectful, honest, and trustworthy. After this was read aloud, Clemens said that Andy must be "misremembering" (sic).

3. Clemens former nanny confirmed a major part of McNamee's testimony about a party at Jose Canseco's house. Roger said he had never been to his house. Roger proceeded to call the nanny over his house this past Sunday to tell her to that she shouldn't tell anyone who asks that he was at the party. The nanny not only told the investigators that he was at the party, but that he slept over, and that Roger had tried to prevent her from cooperating. That's called obstruction of justice. Roger told the committee that he was "trying to do them a favor" by getting her ready for the questioning.

No Hall of Fame for Clemens....maybe jail time for perjury and obstruction of justice.
For a lot more comments about the hearings, and a lot of funny comments, check out Jayson Stark's blog from

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Bob said...

The entire investigation is a joke. I think Clemens used PED's but I have a problem with the entire nanny/Canseco party thing.

Canseco came out and said that he never talked to Clemens about PED's, never gave them to him, never heard anyone say they gave them to him, never heard anyone say he tried to obtain them etc. Canseco is THE source of PED's information. Why would Canseco lie about Clemens not being at the party and having never discussed PED's with Clemens? He is trying to sell a sequel to his book. Wouldn't it make more sense to out Clemens the way he has outed everyone else if in fact it was true?

Everyone keeps asking why would this guy lie or why would that guy lie. Bottom line is that Clemens and McNamee both have reasons to lie. Canseco really doesn't and I would take his word over a nanny's. Maybe Clemens was there and he lied about not being there for fear of the association. But it is very interesting to me that Canseco came out and said what he said.