Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sinking Ship

Many always make fun of Bush and Guiliani (appropriately so) for confusing and justifying the invasion with Iraq with al-Qaida's devastating attack of New York on 9/11.

Well, look what Bill "Bubba" Clinton is saying out on the campaign trail for Hillary...the EXACT same thing. Shame on you Bill. You should know better. Hillary has been VERY hawkish on the war in Iraq until about 9 months ago. Since then, she has slithered over to the left by calling for withdrawal. I'm not sure why she has been able to accomplish this without more criticism. But, for the Olbermann from "Countdown" and Howard Fineman from Newsweek may not let her get away with this anymore.

Watch the video:


dmm said...

Are you suggesting that if someone believed in the war a year or two ago, they should refuse to budge at all, even if they're starting to change their mind? Sounds a lot like the Bush approach - utter refusal to be flexible.

Cocameister said...

No, I am not suggesting that. I think being flexible is a good thing. Every situation is dynamic. I am just critical of Hillary for taking so long to see the light and admit that she made a mistake (she finally overtly admitted her vote was a mistake at the end of the debate last night), whereas Obama was against the war from the beginning. Hillary likes to speak negatively of Bush and the war now, but for the longest time, she was hawkish herself.

Advantage: Obama

dmm said...

The way I see it, those that were against the war in the beginning weren't necessarily smarter than those that were for it - I just think there will always be senators who oppose war, regardless of whether it's justified or not. In hindsight we see it was not, but at the time? Sorry, but I don't blame Clinton for her views back then (hell, I thought, based on the phoney intell we had, that it wasn't such a bad idea). For me, Obama doesn't have the advantage, because what has he really done but "inspire" people? Perhaps I'm getting more cynical as the years go by, but I don't think ideas are enough to turn this country around. We need someone who'll get shit done, and I just don't see Obama being that person (ahem, see Deval Patrick - who I LOVED, but who has done NOTHING since his election).

Will said...

I agree w/ a shift on the war being forgiveable. The American people spoke at the midterm elections; those who govern should follow the will of the people, especially if that will follows the obvious truth: our plan over there has will not work.

I still think the party should've kept Obama on the bench for another term. Hillary was first in line and she should get the nod unless she does/did something dumb. This is like calling up your number one pick to the bigs after only a low-A ball summer league and starting him at third. He can't hit the lefties yet and is going to get down on himself, lose confidence in his can't-miss skills and start hitting the sauce/juice.