Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brady's Foot

Tom Brady will be quarterbacking the New England Patriots in less than two weeks in the Super Bowl against the New York Giants. Brady will be going for history...his 4th Super Bowl win in 6 seasons and a perfect 19-0 season.

However, it appears that there is some controversy about a foot injury. TMZ.com has photos of Brady wearing a foot cast when walking to his girlfriend's (Gisele) apartment in NYC yesterday. He was also walking with a limp.

Here is a photo and a link to the video of his apparent injury.


However, later that night he was spotted out at a NYC hotspot, and surprise, surprise, he was no longer wearing the foot cast.

Belichick has a long history of exaggerating injuries on the weekly injury report to confuse the other team. Is Brady playing a part in this great conspiracy???


Will said...

Sure it's mostly blind jealousy but seeing Brady with his disguise get-up and out w/ Giselle suddenly makes me want them to lose. And seriously, what is up w/ that dumb-a$% cast? you don't wear a walking cast and then take enormous strides unless you're obviously faking. What, coughlin et al are going to start preparing for Matt Cassell? Belichick is creepy and now look at his creepy protege slinking all over the city (but also taking huge strides).

While we're on the subject -- what the heck happened to LT? I'm not even gonna get into the extent/veracity of the injury issue. Gotta give a (former) league MVP the benefit of the doubt on that one. But sitting on the bench w/ the visor and the coat most of the game? I was ashamed to have picked him first in fantasy football. (and, yes, I'm sure that matters to him. )

Will said...

I can't let this jealousy go...how have the Bears never had a great QB during our lifetime? It defies all logic. I was looking up all-time QB ratings and Bob Avellini, who started for the Bears for THREE SEASONS during some of Payton's best seasons had a career rating of 54.8!!! Erik Kramer's 1995 season, probably the best Bears' QB season of the passing era came out of nowhere and went back to nowhere just as fast.

Bob said...

4 wins in 7 years not 6!

Those are some ugly shoes.

kath said...

He is very hot but I do hope they lose. But that is mostly because I love the Giants. But I know it won't happen...I'm sure the December game, as great as it was, will give the Patriots plenty to work with to beat my boys. And Belichick is a weirdo. Will, I share your LT sentiment and was saying the same thing to Paige. I don't understand the visor much anyway but then to wear it all when he's NOT playing? Does he think he has The Force or something?

dmm said...

You're really too much into it. Stop being a conspiracy theorist.