Monday, January 28, 2008

More Floss

Update on the flossing post from the other day.

I was at the grocery store tonight and was buying more floss (Johnson & Johnson woven). I actually had some trouble finding the woven flosh. While I was looking, I noticed that the J & J waxed floss packaging said that it is "40% more effective than Glide at removing plaque".

I tried to find the actual study. I couldn't find it. But, I did find this post on Chelsea Peretti's blog (I have no clue who she is, but at least she agrees with me):

Just got my teeth cleaned. Here's a warning for all you meticulous flossers: GLIDE DOESN'T WORK. My dentist just told me. She said use Johnson & Johnson, the kind that can fray. Glide is too smooth to be effective. I had plaque that she scraped off (love that gritty cleaning feeling!) and she says if I switch over I should be fine.

Of note, I was looking at the floss at the same time as some 50 year old guy. He said, "Never thought finding the right floss would be so hard." I said, "I know, I'm very particular too." He said he likes the "non-waxed" type so that it really scrapes in there. He hates Glide as well because it is too smooth. So, I've got at least two people on my side, Chelsea and some random guy at Stop and Shop.

I'm posting a poll on floss (first official poll for this blog). Please vote on the poll posted to the right on your favorite type of floss.


Will said...

none of you weave lovers have TIGHT CONTACTS. check it out: every time i go to the dentist and they try to weave me they have to press down on my face w/ so much force, by the time the get through my TIGHT CONTACTS they practically band-saw through to my orbits. not w/ the Glide baby. IT GLIDES

p.s. don't forget to look at your fonze blog again

Jeanette said...

nothing like tight contacts. fyi, floss vote is currently in a dead heat.