Monday, January 7, 2008

More Clemens Crap

Clemens had his press conference tonight. He played a tape of him and McNamee talking the other day. It didn't prove anything. Clemens still looks like a fool. I'm not going to write much here because this is just so obvious, but here is the link to the video of the press conference and also a link to a great article by Gene Wojciechowski on on multiple reasons why Clemens is guilty.

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Bob said...

Same stuff but he played the angry victim role this time.

Guilty or not, the entire Mitchell report is a joke and never should have been released. It didn't prove anything, basically broke up 1 or 2 drugs rings including 1 dealer, 1 trainer and their users. It was very careless in that it branded/outed specific users with no real purpose. Its intention was to bring steroid use into light but outing a few players while saying this is just the tip of the iceberg is crazy because they have no plan what to do at this point. It would be different if this was a police bust and investigation but a MLB probe? So incomplete it isn't funny.

There probably was/is one of these type of rings in every MLB city. How about the Dominican Republic? That is supposed to be the biggest hotbed of steroids and a huge % of players spend their off season there.