Friday, January 25, 2008

Bronzie Fonzie

Heeeeeyyyyy....guess what? Fonzie is getting a bronze statue erected in Milwaukee. Here's a quote from Henry Winkler, "I mean it's not often you have a dream when you're 7 lying in your bed, you get to live your dream out and then someone is going to erect a life-size statue of your creation." Pretty funny quote from Winkler. It's too bad he was type-cast the rest of his life. I think the only significant thing he did was produce the show "MacGyver".


Will said...

dude, don't forget he was the voice of Ramrod, biker guy on the Simpsons when Homer starts a biker gang.

hmmm...going to have to disagree on the type cast thing. In fact, just the opposite. I mean, when you first saw Fonzie popping up in other roles as a doctor, high school teacher , you're like - this dude isn't cool at all, in fact, he's a nebbishy little nerd.

but we still loved him. long live Fonzie and his statue.

Will said...

It is a great episode...I just saw it.