Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The "Handshake"

Here are more links to more shots of the handshake and the 'dis' by Obama.

Obama and Hillary did not shake hands or talk to each other.

How could Hillary so enthusiastically shake Teddy's hand with a smile after he had just sent her whole a campaign a serious blow? What on earth could she have been saying to him? "Thanks a lot you big fat, womanizing, drunk, murderer?"

How uncomfortable did Obama feel next to her with Teddy, his new best friend and Clinton enemy, 2 feet away? He couldn't stand to watch the interaction.

BTW, no websites had the photo posted until today. I snapped the photo of the still shot shown on MSNBC. I was giving you all breaking news. There was no video of the action. Here are A PLETHORA of links with more shots of the handshake and discussion about the photo:


Bob said...

The lady in the glasses in the first picture you posted is hilarious. She looks like she is giving it a big "eeek".

dmm said...

My guess is that she didn't want to snub Kennedy, because the last thing she needs is to have people calling her out on being petty, holding a grudge, and being cold. Her campagin strategy is obviously to look like a nicer person than she's portrayed as.

Kirk said...

Obama needs to learn that Hillary generates sympathy and much of her political support by playing "the victim" after her adversaries respond too strongly to her rough tactics. Many have fallen into this trap....Newt Gingrich, Rick Lazio, even Obama and Edwards in the New Hampshire debate. Obama needs to recognize this and not allow himself to be drawn into the Clintons' hand-to-hand combat. How he displays his own "toughness" without looking "mean"is a challenge. Regardless though, he should have grabbed her hand and smiled last night. He doesn't need headlines questioning if he snubbed Hillary.