Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama Rocks SC

Obama won in a landslide tonight in the South Carolina primary. The momentum is back on his side. Super Tuesday is only 10 days away.

Why did Obama win? South Carolina is 50% black, but it wasn't just the black vote. Obama won every category of demographics except white woman and people greater than age 65. I think people like "fresh" rather than "old establishment". The Clintons (yes, plural, since Bill is everywhere these days) are old establishment. They have been have very critical and terse lately, as poor old Bill keeps getting into fights with reporters out on the campaign trail. Hillary sounds shriekish and shrill when she gets fired up and wants to denounce one of Obama's positions or statements. People are tired of the status quo in Washington. For all that is made of the lowly approval ratings of Bush and Cheney, Congress is not better...approval ratings are consistently around 20%.

Obama is inspiring people. He has the intonation in his voice that transcends typical rhetoric. We will see if this holds up on Super Tuesday. What I am really hoping for is the race to be undecided going into the convention. How exciting would that be? There would be back room deals being made like in the old days. That hasn't happened in nearly half a century.

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