Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In Reagan's Shadow

In tonight's debate at the Reagan Presidential Library, I thought this quote was great...

We were elected in the year 2000 to have a humble foreign policy and not police the world, and yet what are we doing now? We're bogged down in another war. We're bankrupting our country and we have an empire that we're trying to defend which costs us $1 trillion a year.

Who said it? None other than Congressman Ron Paul. He is pretty great. A real straight shooter. He's never backed down from his convinctions.

He said some other pretty rational things. For example...

Q: Congressman Paul, what makes you capable of being a leader both on the economy and the military?

PAUL: OK. The Constitution is very clear that the president is commander in chief of the military, but the president is not the commander in chief of the economy or of the people. The president is not supposed to manage and run the economy. The people are supposed to do this. The government is supposed to give them sound money, low taxes, less regulation. The people are supposed to run it. You know, it comes about because we have a Federal Reserve that creates money and prints it out of thin air. There is a lot of malinvestment. That's the most important thing to understand about the inflation of the monetary system, is the malinvestment. Then, later on, people suffer. You wipe out the middle class. But the evil of it all is the vehicle for financing wars that we shouldn't be in and a welfare state that we shouldn't be doing.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul has absolutely no chance. I can't believe he's still in the race.

So, I must support McCain over Romney on the Republican side. While McCain is out of his gourd on the war (he recently said we will be be 100 years, and hints at attacks on Iran), he has pretty reasonable positions on other issues:

1. He does NOT pander. Who else would go to Michigan and tell the people that they're jobs are not coming back? That takes guts.

2. He strongly feels that we need to reduce our need for fossil fuels and rapidly invest and develop alternative sources of energy; would enact policies to protect the environment

3. He's an ardent free trader

4. Supports stem cell research

5. Has a reasonable immigration policy (not going to deport all illegal immigrants...only the ones who have committed crimes). Romney said he wants everyone deported in 90 days. What he is smoking? How would he do that?

6. He has shown the ability to work with Democrats and getting things done (e.g., Ted Kennedy)

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