Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Crocodile Tears or Genuine?

So, I hinted in by blog post yesterday that Hillary's tears actually may have helped her win.

Lot's of interesting pieces around the web today speculating on this topic. Here's Maureen Dowd from the NYTs:

And, here's another interesting link. The person who actually asked Hillary that question ended up voting for Obama!!

Why don't you vote? I haven't figured out how to run one of those interactive voting things on here, but post your response in the comments section.

Answer the follwoing two questions:

1. Did crying on Monday help Hillary win?

2. Were the tears real or a ploy of the campaign machine driven by Begala and Carville?

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Bob said...

The controversy around the order of the candidates on the ballot and the change in how they order them is interesting.