Sunday, May 4, 2008

PB & J

Interesting article on Yahoo about the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The testers compared different types of creamy peanut butter on Pepperidge Farm white bread. They found the 365 Whole Foods Organic brand was the best tasting, compared to Jif, Skippy, and Reese's.

The testers also determined that the best ratio of ratio of bread to PB and Jelly is 1 : 0.6 : 0.3 : 1. They have provided a nice illustration if that ratio is confusing to you.

I won't comment on the actual peanut butter, because I have never done a head-to-head comparison. I do have other comments about PB & J:

1. The testers used white bread, but I assure you that the healthier (and I find tastier) way to eat PB & J is on a multi-grain sliced bread (Arnold's 12 grain is great).

2. I agree with the ratio of PB and jelly. In my opinion, ratios are very important in all types of food. For example, the best ratio of cold cuts to cheese in a sandwich is about 3:1. In a burrito, there needs to be an appropriate ratio of meat to rice, beans, and other products. The meat cannot be predominant. For a bowl of cereal, I prefer to pour the milk until it just about touches the top level of the cereal. There needs to be a certain number of chocolate chips in a chocolate chip cookie. The ratio of tuna or chicken to mayo (not sure on the actual numbers) needs to approximate a proportion in which the mayo is only added until enough moisture is there for consistency. Some places overwhelm the tuna or chicken with the mayo and it creates a mess (and a stomach ache).

3. I prefer contrasting the sweetness of PB & J with a salty counterbalance in the form of chips (preferably cheesy-types such as Doritos or Cheetos). Also, a piece of cheddar chesse makes a wonderful compliment to a PB & J sandwich.

4. Peanut butter should not be refrigerated. It makes spreading it very difficult.

5. Does anyone remember the episode of "Happy Days" when Lenny and Squiggy were in some dream sequence, and they were lost in the desert, and the only thing they had with them was peanut butter? They had no water, but Squiggy tried eating the peanut butter anyway, and they couldn't open his mouth. I guess you had to see it, but it was funny.

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Will said...

Steve - it's so true that the multi-grain is the way to go with the pb&j! Even Owen agrees with you on this so case closed.

I'm sad to say I didn't see that Happy Days but it does bring up the interesting blogotopic of sit-com character cross-over. And also the most famous use of peanut butter in TV history - sticking it on Mr. Ed's gums so it would look like he was talking. Or was that an urban legend?