Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Week, Bad Week (May 19th Edition)

It's a good week for:

1. Overweight, videogame-playing couch potatoes, as Nintendo has come out with a new game for the Wii, called the Wii Fit. A medical study had demonstrated that playing games on the regular Wii burned more calories than typical video games (but not as much as actually playing the sport). We'll see how many calories can be burned using the Wii Fit.

2. Flying kites, as a marked increase in interest in wind power has investors in a frenzy. Boone Pickens, an old-time oil investor, just placed an order for 600 wind turbines from G.E. The U.S. Energy Department said wind power could provide 20 percent of U.S. electricity by 2030. This is great news, as we need to have some form of reasonable competition against generation of electricity from fossil fuels in these days of record high oil prices (most electricity in U.S. comes from burning of coal and natural gas). Plus, wind is one of the cleanest forms of energy production. Don't believe the hype? Stocks are good are predicting the future. Just look at the recent moves in the price of some of the wind stocks. Boolah!!

It's a bad week for:

1. Watching a track meet, as photographer Ryan McGeeney was speared in the leg by a javelin, as he was watching the discus throw. Fortunately, he states it didn't hurt very much and he was able to use his camera to snap a photo so that the whole world could see his impaling.

2. Dairy farmers, as a tractor trailer carrying 14 tons of Oreos overturned and spilled them all over the roadway. Rumor has it that residents living near the spill rapidly bought up 300 gallons of milk and starting dunking and eating the oreos before they were crushed and crumbled by the oncoming traffic.

It reminds me of one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, the "Muffin Top" episode. In this episode, Elaine's desire to only eat muffin tops causes one of the local bakeries to sell only the muffin tops. Unfortunately, this results in a huge dilemma...what to do with the bottoms of the muffins. Elaine calls in "The Cleaner" (AKA Newman) to take care of the situation. Check out this 1 minute clip to see how "The Cleaner" handles the sticky situation.

3. Stepping in elephant dung, as politicians in Romania are resorting to weird tactics, such as parading around an elephant downtown, in an effort woo potential voters. I'm sure that Romanians are glad that their candidates have nicknames like "elephant" rather than nicknames like wolverine, skunk, and alligator.


Will said...

This gave me a great idea Steve. Owen can play video games as long as he does it while pedaling a stationary bike. Too tired to bike? then too tired to play video games. Now go upstairs and learn Mandarin so you can get a job in 2028.

kath said...

I feel like these stories are meant for my mom. Her vision hasn't been the same after 7 retinal surgeries and she throws the javeline in the senior olympics! She doesn't understand why I think this is a bad idea...