Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

I found some of these stories unbelievable:

1. Let it go- John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. area sniper of 2003, is asking his defense attorneys to end the appeals and allow him to die, and is requesting the help of the state attorney general to help him as he has tried without success to stop his defense attorneys from pursuing the appeals.


Please stop wasting taxpayer money on this case. And, although he wants to die, perhaps it would be better to deny him his opportunity at "matyrdom" and let him rot in jail for the rest of his life. Life sentence without parole, that's my vote. Stop the appeals now.

2. Yankees-Red Sox rivalry taken too far- a Yankees fan ran over 2 Red Sox fans in a parking lot after the Sox fans yelled "Yankees suck!" at her outside a bar in New Hampshire. One Sox fan died and the other was injured. This is pathetic...


3. Wimp- Speaking of the Yankees, A-Rod's wife says that A-Rod passed out during the birth of his 1st child. He always folds under pressure!


4. Wicked leg cramps- A man in Illinois wants to attempt to surpass his recently broken record of continuously exercising for 132 consecutive hours on a stationary bike. This sounds like torture....the leg cramps, sore butt, groin chaffing, and lack of sleep. He is deranged.


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