Sunday, October 5, 2008

SNL Parodies

In case you missed it, SNL had two must see skits last night.

First, Tina Fey continued her string of remarkable impressions of Gov. Palin in a spoof of her debate showdown with Joe Biden. She has her down perfectly.

Second, a funny yet scathing look at our leaders and the handling of the economy and the bailout package. Not only are the impressions amazing (particularly the one of Barney Frank), but the portrayal of the stereotypical American citizens is dead on.

Wonderful stuff.


Will said...

And how about Jason Sudeikis holding his own? but, it's true, Tina Fey as Palin should be it's own show.

Cocameister said...

Jason Sudeikis is becoming such a star. Great W impersonation, and have you noticed he has a part (usually leading part) in almost every skit now??

FYI, special political-based SNL episodes on Thursday nights until the election. Don't forget to watch!

Anonymous said...

jason sudeikis is from shawnee mission kansas! he had a hand in over 90% of the skits on that episode. very funny guy.