Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain on Imus

John McCain was back on the Imus in the Morning show today. It had been a long hiatus. I know Don Imus is barely relevant anymore, but it actually was a good interview. Imus asked some good questions, including the following (paraphrased): (the audio is within this link)

1. How can you be optimistic being so far behind in the polls? (he said he's closer in some polls than others and that Bush was behind Kerry by about the same margin in 2004 at this same point in time)

2. What is up with your pick of Palin as VP, after criticism from so many prominent Republicans? (he said she was the most qualified VP candidate in recent history)

3. How can you defend her after her terrible performance in her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric? (she did fine in those interviews, was bombarded by "gotcha" questions)

4. How could she not even name a newspaper that she reads? (she reads the news "offline")

5. How can you defend the fact that she hasn't gone on any Sunday morning talk shows, including Meet the Press, generally considered a rite of passage? (his response to this is amazing, i.e., pathetic...listen to the audio)

6. Why do you keep making a case about William Ayers and not Rev. Wright? (I forgot his response, but Imus actually points out an interesting "double standard" by Obama)

7. Why does Gov. Palin keep saying that Obama is hanging out with terrorists? (he said there are some crazy people at his rallies, but only the minority)

8. Do you think race will play a roll in the election (people who said they will vote for Obama won't, i.e., the Bradley Effect)? No, people will vote for who they believe is the best candidate


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