Thursday, October 2, 2008

Great Hustler or Great Debacle????

Folks, I'm back. I can't take it anymore, there is just too much to say. Wall Street is crumbling, banks are failing, congress is scurrying around to pass a "bailout package", which will only be a temporary band-aide on the overall crisis, and, oh, something else is going on.....Sarah Palin is running for Vice President!!

I just cannot believe what my eyes have seen, and more importantly, what my ears have heard. I hope you have been following her interviews with Katie Couric. What is she talking about? Her answers are incomprehensible and seem to lack the knowledge needed by someone running for the 2nd highest office in the country!

Tonight is the vice-presidential debate. From the buzz on the streets, it is the most anticipated debate of all-time. Biden should be able to clean her clock, unless he commits his achilles heel of verbal diarrhea necessitating a "foot in mouth moment" (e.g., Obama is so clean and articulate").

In preparation for tonight, please, please, please watch these videos. Why? First, you will get to laugh a little. Second, you may a chance for a good cry (realizing that she has a chance to hold the VP office). Third, you will see the preamble, the set-up for tonight. It is either one big hoax, a giant "hustle" (in the memory of the late and great Paul Newman), and she will do "well" tonight as she has set expectations sooooooo low, or it will be an absolute catastrophe. There is no middle ground with her.

Please watch these videos if you haven't seen them:

1. Her answer on the economy and the bailout

2. Trying to name one other time McCain has supported stricter regulation

3. Trying to name one newspaper she reads (hint: she can't name one!!)

4. Trying to name one other Supreme Court except Roe v. Wade (she names Roe v. Wade again!!!).

5. Palin talking about the Rick Davis case

Wow. She is in WAY OVER HER HEAD. If someone out there can defend her possibly become our VP, please post your comments, because if we thought we had fun for the past 8 years with "Bushisms", the next 4 years will provide an exponential number of "Palinisms".

But, seriously, this is sad, because it shouldn't be a joke, and McCain could legitimately die while in office. I am not trying to be mean, but anyone who looks at her performance objectively has got to admit that she simply is not a strong enough candidate.


Cocameister said...

Why couldn't she name ONE newspaper!!!! Just say the NY Times or Washington Post (fine, OK, Washington Times b/c that is a conservative paper). A "VAST VARIETY"??!@?!?!?!? That is like when Bush told Brian Williams that he's been doing a lot of reading over the summer. Williams asked what books specifically. Bush replied, "I just read 3 Shakespeare's".

Not one other Supreme Court case? How about the recent one regarding the Exxon Valdeez? That was pertinent to Alaska itself. How about "Bush v. Gore"?????!?!?!?

The answer to the bailout...she tried to string together every catch-phrase about the economy that she could.

It is absolutely pathetic. She is not ready for prime time.

Will said...

Steve --
Welcome back!

I think there are leadership qualities people can have that either outweigh or make up for knowledge deficits. I don't see those qualities in her though. I'm still seeing an overly cynical move by McCain in picking her that I think will ultimately backfire.

julie said...

The problem with intellectuals and liberals harping on grammatical errors in a politician's speech (see your reference to "vast variety") is that those errors never lose an election. They just make people feel better who know enough to see the mistake.

Ronald Reagan used to fall asleep in meetings and was one our most popular presidents ever. Bush has certainly made his share of speech errors and it wasn't those errors that led to his historically low approval rating.

Will said...

I don't think Steve is getting at grammatical errors here. In medical training, we call it 'fund of knowledge.' Do you have to be a policy wonk to be a successful leader/politician? No, just like you don't need to know about renal tubular acidosis to be a good doctor (sorry Steve). However, there's probably a certain threshold of knowledge we should expect to be able to say 'this person cares about these issues and isn't just (a) a puppet or (b) a power-hungry megalomaniac or (c) both.' Just like we probably want a doctor who has passed the boards.

Cocameister said...

Yes, Will, I concur. It is much more than grammatical errors...even though it would be nice to have someone that used correct grammar. It is about fundamental knowledge. And, the worst part is how she tries to cover it up. I would rather have her reply honestly, and just say "I don't know that" (which would still be a problem). But, creating phony answers to these questions is just terrible.

kath said...

She is an absolute insult to professional women. I'm so pissed that her name is even up there. What the heck is wrong with McCain? Did he spend 10 minutes with her before making this decision? Or did he look into her eyes, as he and W did with our great ally Putin? UGGHHH...this whole thing, while entertaining is very sad for us.

I hate to say this but I predict she'll pull it off tonight, at least satisfactorily enough or pathetically (not poor performance-like, more like a beaten puppy) enough for people to fall in love with her and the Republicans again. People like how common she appears. And I'm not sure what percentage of the electorate is all that interested in what she says or how she says it. While I think about what God was putting together on the 4th day, I will also pray I'm wrong (b/c this will be part of our curriculum in our public schools under her, right?) but have to prepare for the worst.

Phew, sorry for the's been building up for so long! Thanks for coming back, Steve! I needed that. Now I will await to hear all about the sinister liberals and their elitist expectations for their politicians to actually know something, anything.