Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Update

Only a few more days until the highly anticipated Presidential election. Finally, the campaigning will end and we can start the process of ridding ourselves of the Bush administration.

Here are some interesting links from around the web in regards to the election:

1. McCain-Palin conflict- the McCain campaign has realized the enormous gaffe in her selection, and fighting within the ticket BEFORE the election just isn't a good sign. A new poll indicates that 59% of Americans don't feel she is ready to be V.P.

2. The battle over Florida- Obama has a slight lead

3. Even George Will, one of the most prominent conservative writers in this country, can't hold in his criticisms of McCain-Palin anymore, including McCain's decision-making capability

4. The Economist (my favorite magazine), known for its economic conservatism and support of free markets, officially supports Obama over McCain. They cite McCain's poor choice of Sarah Palin, his indecision regarding the economic crisis, and his temperament as negatives, and cite Obama's ability to learn and excellent cadre of advisers, his style and discipline as reasons to support him.

5. Racism by attendees at Palin events continues.

6. Pretty cool map of newspaper endorsements.

7. Francis Fukuyama, from the AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE, endorses Obama.

8. A poll taken in Texas shows that 20% of people still think Obama is a Muslim.

9. Tim Gunn rates the fashion of the candidates.

10. Sarkozy voices harsh criticism for Obama's stance towards Iran. That guy has got chutzpah.

11. A dynamic view of the Electoral College over time. Very cool. Just makes you wish we had another system besides all vs. none for each state (why not use the method for most of the primaries- split the delegate?) and also makes you really wish we had other strong parties besides Republicans and Democrats.


julie said...

I love the map of newspaper endorsements. I was trying to find this information succinctly captured on the internet and wasn't able to find it. Thank you for posting it.

Also, it comes as no surprise to me that 20% of Texans still think Obama is Muslim. I STILL have naive and conservative spouses of my high school classmates sending me emails about this, trying to "educate" me about it.

Given that I grew up in one of the areas currently being targeted by the McCain ticket (rural, SW PA - appalachia, really), it's not unusual that I get these email forwards. Even given the fact that I was known as one of 2 outspoken liberals in my Reagan-right high school, and most everyone knows me to this day as being pretty much the same (if perhaps subdued at this point) they seem to actually believe that they will be able to convince me that Obama is hiding his secret terrorist/islamic life.

I'm not offended that they send them. I just delete anyway ... as I do with the pencil sketches of Jesus that they send me ... but I am curious about their complete lack of perspective on the issue. They don't seem to be even aware of the fact that there are a lot of people out there who just don't buy it. And who believe that it's not the end of the world if we have a Presidential candidate who practices a religion other than Christianity anyway. Or who doesn't practice any religion. Or who is an Atheist.

Anyhoo ... 2008 is shaping up to be a great year, what with a world series win AND a the possibility of a dem in the white house. Really, now, if only the stock market would rebound, things would be just about perfect.

Anonymous said...

Where is Montgomery Brewster when you need him?

Will said...

do you mean C. Montgomery Burns? fiscally conservative, executive experience, competent advisors

Anonymous said...

No I mean Montgomery Brewster from Brewster's Millions. Vote None of the Above!