Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post-Debate Wrap-up

My controversial views on the debate last night set off a firestorm. The post received 32 comments, an all-time record for my blog.

I did a little searching around the "internets" to see what others were saying about the debate.

First, the polls of "Joe-six pack", or the "Joe the Plumber" (I'm tired of the stupid "Joe" references by all of the candidates).

1. CNN Poll: Obama 58%, McCain 31%

2. CBS news: Obama 53%, McCain 22%, Tie 25%

3. Obama 49%, McCain 46%, but McCain won among independent voters (51-42%)

Second, amongst the pundits:

1. Time magazine: McCain A-, Obama B

2. Fox News: Amazingly, among 10+ pundits from Fox News, most felt Obama won the debate!! Fair and balanced!

Finally, fact checks:

1. MSNBC: Lots of stretching of the truth by both candidates

2. So many untruths by both candidates. It makes me sick. It seems almost everything each candidate said was untrue in some way. Yes, including the ACORN scandal.
I wish they could have some interns do real-time fact check during the debate and then pipe in the answers into the moderator's earpiece. Then the moderator can confront the candidates right there and then. Instead, the candidates get away with their drivel and most Americans will be none the wiser, because 95% are probably not going to read the post-debate fact check pieces on the internets. Heck, even I was getting all fired up about Ayers and ACORN until I was shown the truth. So, in essence, the debates just become a show and can sway American voters unfairly. The system has to be improved.


Anonymous said...

cocoa puff, i do appreciate your final thoughts regarding the debates and the bad system that currently exists. the debates were a joke. they were not intellectual; they were a farce. sadly, politics are a joke and those that are immersed in the process need to see the light. politics is about the politicians, not the people. sorry.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if any of you find some validity in this........

Cocameister said...

Wow, great article. If his points are true, then they are certainly valid and should be heeded.

I've always repected Charles Krauthammer...he's very intelligent and can even be unbiased (in fact, he was one of the Fox pundits who thought Obama actually won the final debate).

Obama's camp has made McCain guilty by association. It is not directly McCain's fault. And, it is true, they accused Clinton of being a racist. Bill is still seething about that whole thing. I heard an interview with him about 2 months ago and his is still really really angry that he would be painted in that light. I think we know Bill Clinton is not racist. After all, he was the first "black President" and he put his post-presidential office in Harlem. ;)