Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Under sniper fire"

Did everybody hear Hillary try to exaggerate her foreign policy street credibility? She claimed that when she landed in Bosnia in 1996, she had to duck down because there was heavy sniper fire.

Well, CBS news has the video of her "scary" landing in Bosnia. Instead of heavy sniper fire, she is peacefully shaking hands with people. Today she admitted her mistake about her claim about the potentially deadly situation at the time of the landing. How does one forget this? This is a blatant lie.

Watch this video for the actual footage:

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Will said...

I can't quite capture the sound in print but it's like 'anh' - the sound of 'who gives a rat's a#$?'

this has no bearing on anyone or anything, in contradistinction to:

-wmds in Iraq
-uranium cakes in Africa
-Valerie Plame Wilson
-the ice caps are not melting
etc etc