Sunday, March 2, 2008


As most of you in the Northeast know, driving on I-95 is often quite slow and tedious. There is just so much congestion at so many times of the day. I don't think the population of southern Connecticut is going to decrease any time soon, nor will I-95 be expanded to more lanes, nor will people use public transportation in any significantly increased amount in the near future (even with crude oil currently greater than $100 per barrel and gas prices that will probably approach $4 per gallon in the next few months if the trend continues). Thus, I am not hopeful to experience less traffic on I-95.

However, there is one thing that completely frustrates is rubbernecking. It is bad enough that the traffic on the side of a car accident is stalled until the scene is cleared. But, it is almost criminal that the traffic on the OPPOSITE side of the accident slows to such a degree because people are trying to get a good look at the accident scene. Why do people have to gawk? OK, OK, I know the's human nature to see what's going on, especially if it could be gruesome.

I have been thinking about this for a while. Here is my solution. The police or fire department should bring in a folding shade, about 8 feet tall and maybe 25 feet long (unfolded) to block off the scene from the other side of the highway. You know what I'm talking would look something like this one in the photo, just bigger. It wouldn't cost much and I think it would be greatly improve the flow of traffic during accidents. Let me know what you think.


kath said...

I like your screen idea. Simple but effective. I am also so amazed by how much people tailgate, no doubt resulting in those accidents that lead to rubbernecking.

Will said...

you guys should move to Philly! where the car is an antiquated nuisance...we float on hydrogen-powered hover crafts and/or take the bus. on saturdays we rent carshares to go to home depot to buy freakin' ceiling tiles that don't fit