Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hillary Clinton had a big night last night. She won Ohio decisively and won Texas narrowly (51-48%). She also won the Rhode Island primary. From the looks of her speech last night, she intends to continue this campaign until the end. She still trails Obama by about 100 delegates (including the superdelegates). The next HUGE challenge is going to be the Pennsylvania primary on April 22nd. Again, because of the sharing of delegates (there is no winner take all system for the Dems), Obama has a pretty insurmountable lead, at least among the pledged delegates.

Hillary also hinted today that she would be willing to share the ticket with Obama.

Here is what I think. If Hillary can somehow squeak out the nomination, she MUST choose Obama as her running mate. On the other hand, if Obama wins, he can choose her or choose someone else, and in fact, he would prefer someone else because he does not want Bubba lurking around and controlling his White House.

Why does Hillary need to choose Obama? The reasoning is simple. Remember, the last two races for president have been very close. The Repubs and Dems are split pretty equally across the counry. No one doubts that "Obamamania" is widespread throughout the country. At the same time, while Hillary is pulling out some big victories in Democratic primaries, she is loathed by about 50% of the voters in the country (all affiliations). So, when it comes down to the general election, Obama could carry current Hillary supporters and challenge McCain to a very close race. In contrast, if Hillary is the nominee, ardent Obama supporters and Hillary haters would likely abstain from voting, or may even vote for the "Maverick" John McCain. Hillary, therefore, must put Obama on her ticket to keep the votes from the Obamamaniacs. In conclusion, I think Hillary needs Obama and not vice versa.

Speaking of "Strategery", here's a good Bush impersonation from Frank Caliendo.


Will said...

what does 'pretty insurmountable' mean? is this like 'sort-of inflammable?'

Jeanette said...

Guess you can count out an Obama-Clinton ticket!!

Jeanette said...

oops...forgot the link