Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Death Penalty

Over the past few years, I have shifted my stance on the death penalty. I am now against the death penalty for 3 reasons: 1) The judicial system is too flawed to make decisions to end someone's life; 2) I think the "penalty" of a life sentence is prison is actually a greater punishment then a peaceful lethal injection; 3) Because of multiple appeals while on death row (often takes up to 20 years from sentencing to death because of the appeals), it actually costs MORE to put someone to death rather than keep them in jail for life.

However, when you hear about the horrific story about the student at the University of North Carolina class president who was brutally murdered last week, it is very hard to prevent the immediate visceral reaction of desiring death for those animals. They have arrested one suspect and are searching for a second suspect. There was no way to really prevent this crime. We do need tougher gun control rules, but there will always be a black market for guns. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to bring back the very promising and unfufilled young life of the poor student.

Currently, my only solice is that these two men, if proven guilty, will receive their "real punishment" in jail. My trainer at the gym says that there is an unwritten code in jail that the guys who commit these types of crimes (child rape, etc) get their due in the prisons, and guards will look the other way.

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Anonymous said...

Steve - I think your underestimating the impact of stricter gun control. There will always be a black market for guns. However, the abundance of guns makes it that much easier to take a life.