Thursday, March 20, 2008

Operation Chaos

Very interesting story from regarding a signficant proportion of core Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Why would they do this?
the answer: to cause chaos in the Democratic election process, keeping Hillary and Obama in a close match-up, and preventing a clear-cut winner, leaving John McCain a clearer path to the White House. In fact, most Republicans feel that Hillary is more "beatable" and thus, want her to beat out Obama in the race.

And who is behind this unorthodox voting strategy? None other than Rush Limbaugh and the right-wing radio faction, who just love to mess with the normal election process. Is it smart on their part? Well, yes, I does make sense. Is it fair? Not really. Not that it is illegal, but it certainly amounts to a type of conspiracy and/or collusion.

Read the article below for the facts. Some of the details would suggest, however, that the "conspiracy" is not completely operational, as many of the Repub cross-overs are, in fact, voting for Obama rather than Hillary.

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