Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good and Bad Week

It's a good week for:

1. James Karl Buck and technology, as he was able to post a one-word blog to alert his friends that he had been arrested in Egypt. Gotta love bloggers!

2. Ted Kemp and his golf clubs, as he hit back-to-back hole-in-one shots on a golf course in Iowa. The odds of this feat? 67 million to one. I hope he also bought a lotto ticket this week.;_ylt=AkEFJLUoMdKloB4I.TGgfVQDW7oF

3. Humans, as researchers from Stanford University found that humans were almost wiped out into extinction about 75,000 years ago. They estimate that the population was probably no more than 2,000 humans in a small region in Africa before drought let up and the population flourished again. It still amazes me that the human population has proliferated to this amount in 2008 despite living in an era of constant wars, natural disasters, and living without electricity or modern medicine and antibiotics for the vast, vast majority of existence.

It's a bad week for:

1. Trespassing on a coal mine- a man that was trespassing on the grounds of a coal mine fell 500 feet down a shaft, onto a rock ledge. Amazingly, he is still alive.

2. Consumers, as a combination of slow growth and inflation, particularly for the prices of food and fuel, has led to the lowest reading in cosumer sentiment (62.6) since 1982. Before this alarms you, remember, things can only get BETTER, and typically readings this low mark the bottom of the stock market and the start of a strong bull market (look at the chart since 1982).

3. Believers in extraterrestial life, as unexplained strange lights seen over Arizona this past week were determined to be flares attached to floating balloons. Sorry ET lovers.*-

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