Tuesday, April 8, 2008

But How Did He Fare in the Swimsuit Competition?

OK, remember the story I posted about the folks in Dubai paying millions for "low number" license plates?

Well, these guys have so much money, that they also spend millions of dollars on camels, that are chosen at a "camel beauty contest". There were 17,000 camels entered into the contest. The top camel fetched 2.7 million dollars. I cannot believe this. Read this excerpt about how they were judged:

Camels are registered for beauty contest in several categories, defined by age and skin color. The owners of the top three camels in each category split a 2 million price fund and each receive a car from a pool of more than 100 4x4 vehicles and pickup trucks.

Five judges assess the camels' bodies as a whole and their necks, heads, lips, noses, humps, legs and feet separately.

For 2.7 million, that camel better know about geography, or at least where "The Iraq" is located on a map.

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kath said...

But is there a category to judge the camel's toes? (sorry, will, if you beat you to the punch on that...)