Thursday, April 17, 2008

C'mon George

I have to admit that I missed most of the Democratic Debate last night (not because I wanted to miss it...I was working). It was a crucial debate, as it precedes the mammoth Pennsylvania primary, and probably the final one between Obama and Hillary.

I read some of the recaps, but the major news today is the completely abhorring the performance of the moderators from ABC, Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopolous. There are over 17,000 comments posted on the ABC news website, most of them critical of the line of questioning.

Apparently, people are happy about the questions about Obama's pastor and about the Hillary under sniper fire in Bosnia stories. Also, there was a question about why Obama doesn't wear the American flag on his lapel.

Again, I didn't see it, so I will leave it up to you to post comments about what you think, but my short-sighted opinion is that these two have been through 21 (yes, twenty one) debates already, and they have answered the same questions over and over and over again. So, I think these "trivial" issues, as some are griping about, are actually things that voters want to hear about. People want to see what these candidates have to say. They want to see the candidates squirm a bit.

Give George and Charlie a break. They made another potential boring debate a little "spicy". Of note, "The Week with George S" is one of my favorite shows. I DVR it every Sunday morning, and especially love the "Roundtable" segment. He is one of the most intelligent and unbiased interviewers on television.


Will said...

Have you seen the newish ads w/ Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton about global warning , paid for by Al Gore w/ proceeds from his book/movie?

what a guy. Sure, cynics will say it's all to build a political arsenal, but, what, should he do it anonymously? what did mitt romney's campaign spending get us (besides the who let the dogs out video -- worth 5 million alone)?

Dan said...

Here is an incisive peice by the onion on what americans care about in elections. It may lend insight into the choice of questions for the recent devbate...