Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Amazing Feats

1. Ok, maybe my title is a bad pun for this first "Amazing Feat", but check out this video of Dustin Carter. He is a high school wrestler whose record is 41-2. The amazing part? He has only stumps for arms and legs. Unbelievable. I guess part of his success has to be attributed to his VERY low center of gravity, but it still is inspirational.

2. I am always enthralled by people who summit Mt. Everest, and realize it's difficulty for even skilled and well-conditioned athletes, but I can't wait to see this documentary about 6 blind teenagers climbing Mt. Everest.

3. Have you seen the Lebron James Powerade commercial where he sinks 3/4 and full court shots? Well, it appears that Kevin Love of UCLA, can make these shots with ease. Watch him warming up last weeking during the NCAA tourney.

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