Monday, June 16, 2008

Same-Sex Marriage

Warning: This is a controversial topic.

I got an email today from some organization urging me to help "Stop Same-Sex Marriage in California". The email was asking for money to fight this battle, and stated:

We need resources to fight back, to stand up for God's own truth, for
common sense, for marriage as the union of husband and wife, and for the next
generation's right to know and be known by their own mother and father.

Ok, here is my quick and simple stance on this.

1. I think the fact that same-sex couples are allowed to get legally married does not make one single iota of difference to any heterosexual couple in the world. The strength of their relationship, the validity of their marriage is not impacted whatsoever by homosexuals being able to share the same rights.

2. People should spend more time worrying about fixing their own relationships rather than telling other people who to love and how to love them.

3. Just because same-sex marriages are recognized by the State of California, and maybe by all 50 states some day, does not mean any religious organization has to recognize it.

4. People are worried about the children of these same-sex couples. Well, study after study has shown that children of same-sex couples do just as well as any other children in terms of self-esteem, gender identity or emotional health.

5. I think children of a loving same-sex couple may be more lucky than children born to a heterosexual couple but raised by a single parent with the other parent uninvolved in their care. I was happy to see Obama urging black fathers to become more involved in raising their children. This is what people should be upset about....fathers who abandon their children.

6. Do you think homosexuals are purposely choosing to be "different" and to rebel against societal norms? I don't think so. I don't think they can help it. As evidence, watch these videos from 60 Minutes that explores the origins of homosexuality. You will think twice about criticizing homosexuals for their "choice" (note the video of the 3 year old boy who would rather play with Barbies than toy cars/trucks).

7. Do people think keeping a ban on gay marriage is going to prevent the already thousands to millions of same-sex couples from having romantic relationships? No way.


Don Martin said...


I don't understand why devout people care so much about the governmental definition of marriage. If you don't want your church to recognize homosexual marriage, join a church that does not recognize homosexual marriage.

But your state or federal government is far from holy, and we should not try it as such.

Anonymous said...

I find you to be a high-level intellectual snob. You are quite preachy!

Don Martin said...

It's better than being a low-level intellectual snob I guess. I will work, though, on being less preachy about how I don't like religion.

Or were you referring to Coca? Now that guy..... Geez.... Talk about your low-level, preachy snobs....