Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Ever wondered what you should do with your old clunky television or computer? Well, now there's a solution. Best Buy has started a recycling program for your old electronic devices. That's great....but the bad news? The program is only operational in Baltimore, San Francisco, and the state of Minnesota.

Hopefully they will expand this program soon. Does anyone know of other options for getting rid of old electronics, especially like here in the Northeast?


Will said...

Steve -- here in Philly we have philly freecycle where you post on the web the stuff you want to give away. I think craig's list might have a free section. Alternatively, I just put stuff on the sidewalk and it's usually gone in an hour or so. Except shoes...nobody wants used shoes it seems even the high-fashion kind I wear.

kath said...

Steve, there is a website: mygreenelectronics.org that will give you a list of places that will accept old electronics.