Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Week Bad Week

Good week for:

1. Having adequate “support”, as an American hiker who fell and was trapped in the Alps, used her sports bra to signal others to call for help. She attached her bra to a cable near the ledge on which she was stranded, which eventually caught the eye of a worker at the base of the mountain. I can see the new Discovery Channel show, “Woman vs. Wild." That should garner some good ratings, at least among the male, 12-89 years old demographic.

2. Laughing very hard, as this week, NBC will start airing episodes of some crazy Japanese shows. My favorite has got to be this show, where if you get the question wrong, a huge spatula on a spring-loaded lever is released to hit the contestant in the groin. Check out the first episode tomorrow (6/24) at 8 pm.

Bad week for:

1. Faking it, when “Justine”, one of the partners in a same-sex male couple, dressed as a female for a courthouse marriage ceremony in Virginia. Officials several weeks later investigated the situation and determined that Justine was really named Justin. Those are some slow moving baliffs in Virginia. Did it really take them that long to realize something was amiss?

2. Calling the pot black, when it was revealed that Al Gore’s energy consumption actually rose 10% in 2007, despite installation of solar panels and more efficient light bulbs. The kicker is that Gore’s MONTHLY energy consumption is 50% more than the average ANNUAL consumption of Americans. Gore was already called out for his hypocrisy about 1 year ago, when it was determined that his electric bill was over $16,000 per month. What exactly is he doing in that house? He needs to be setting a better example, because these stories are completely embarassing for his whole mission.

3. Being constipated, as a 6 foot python slithered through the sewer pipes and appeared in the toilet of a man’s highrise apartment in Australia. At least his pipes were cleaned need to call Roto-rooter.

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Don Martin said...

Thanks for calling out the Goracle for the hypocrite he is. That kind of intellectual honesty is admirable.