Sunday, December 14, 2008

Size 10 Shoes

GW Bush was in Iraq giving a speech on Sunday when an Iraqi journalist stood up and flung one then his other shoe at the President. GW showed quick reflexes and ducked out of the way. After reading this op-ed piece by Frank Rich today, it wouldn't surprise me if Rich was diguised as the Iraqi reporter and was the one actually throwing his shoes at Bush. The title of his piece caught me by surprise ("Two cheers for Blagojevich"), but after reading the piece, he makes an excellent point (that the corruption is so broad and deep in Washington and the White House, that it almost makes Blagojevich's follies seem trivial). BTW, here are some funny Blagojevich cartoons.

If Bush would have been giving his speech in Iran rather than Iraq, he probably would have had more than a shoe (or two) thrown at him. They truly practice an "eye for an eye" punishment there. That would mean a lot of torture, electrocution, waterboarding, etc for Dubya.

Interestingly, Mr. McCain (who has vigorously opposed the Bush Administration on the torture issue), does not support Ms. Palin for president in 2012. George Stephanopolous was incredulous and asked again how he cannot support someone that he chose to be his V.P. and the next-in-line were he to fall ill, but McCain said, "my corpse is still warm" (he really didn't answer the question except for some mumbo jumbo that this is a new election cycle). Actually, I have to give McCain more credit than people like Rush Limbaugh who continue to blindly and stupidly support Palin for the 2012 run. McCain is being honest as he realized the grave mistake he made in choosing her. THE MAVERICK!!


Bob said...

Dodging the shoes and his first pitch during the world series were the 2 best things he did during his presidency. Both showed pretty good athleticism.

Don said...

Frank Rich is a despicable human being and an enemy to the state. I can't believe anyone puts any stock in anything he says. The examples he gives regarding "corruption" in the Bush Administration pale in comparison to Blago.

1 - Scooter Libby did not out Valerie Plame. Richard Armitage did. Scooter was convicted of stupidly trying to prevent investigators from finding out something he did not do. Illegal, yes, but nothing like selling a Senate seat.

2 - The Enron scandal (as well as Worldcom and others) happened on Bill Clinton's watch. Ley was buds with the Bushes, but Bush had nothing to do with that scandal.

3 - As Coca, himself, has pointed out regulation caused this crisis as much as deregulation (moreso in my opinion) and this is just more mud thrown by Rich.

The fact of the matter is that Rich is a shill for Democrats and is spouting nonsense for the defense of the most corrupt politician in recent memory. This op-ed piece is a rehash of Rich's maniacal anti-bush insanity, which has nothing to do with Blago (and is largely incorrect). Citing Frank Rich for anything other than spelling his name undermines the integrity of this blog.

Also, it was not Earth-shattering when Gore did not support Lieberman or when Kerry did not support Edwards. Get over your Palinfetish and let old news be old news.

Will said...

Steve -- don't miss what your fellow blogger Newt Gingrich is saying about the RNC's tactics re: trying to connect Obama to Blago.

Don said...

Hmmm... Funny how no one on the left (Frank Rich included) wants to discuss Blago.

But if Will wants to change the subject to Obama, fine by me.

Suddenly, now that a Democrat will be President, the left is all too keen on not attacking him. After 8 years of relentless calls for investigation and impeachment of Bush -- we should just "ho hum" when Obama says that no one in his office discussed his successor with Blago. Just another lie we should ignore.

Now, that being said, I do think the Republicans should do what neither party has ever done -- and that's the high road approach pronounced by Newt Gingrich. The RNC and elected Republicans should lead us away from the politics of destruction that demonized W unfairly for 8 years.

We should at least wait to see what Fitzpatrick finds out. But that does not mean that me - American citizen Don - can't point out on a blog that Obama HAD to know this stuff was going on -- even if it can't be proven in a court of law.