Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A new poll that indicates that most Americans are pessimistic about the economy (and have very negative views of congress), find that 67% of Americans have a favorable view of Obama (and only 14% have a negative view). That's really quite impressive, because it means a lot of Republicans are viewing him a favorable manner. I think that the moderate and excellent cabinet he is putting together has a lot to do with it.

There's a recent piece on a sports recession. Honestly, I don't know how the average fan can afford to attend several sporting events if things are as bad as they seem in the economy. The price of the tickets, drinks, food for a family of 4 costs at least $300-400 for any major event. Plus, really, with HDTV, it's so much more comfortable to be watching from home. Of note, CNBC just added an HD channel. It's awesome. They have constant cycling charts on the right side of the screen and the stock quotes at the bottom are just so crisp and clear.

BTW, The silver lining of the recession....lobsters are on sale because of the glut!

Gov. Blagojevich isn't giving up. Obama is calling for him to step down, but he won't...yet. He's quite an persistent little-bugger, isn't he? Here's a little montage of jokes from the late night circuit regarding the most reputable governor. I love Stewart's line..."he has nothing to hide, except whatever is written on his forehead...which probably says, 'Bribe me'."


Don said...

In my experience, I believe there are two liberal ideologies.

1 - The guilt driven wing that wants to take property from the successful and give it to the unsuccessful. I call these people Yalies.

2 - The smartest people in the room who think the government can fix any problem just so long as smart people are running they show. They believe they are too smart to let the excesses of government happen, so there is no need to fear the ills of socialism. Just appoint enough Ivy League educated people from urban centers, and all will be well. I call these people monarchists.

I will take the monarchists over the liberals any day, because they seem to at least admit that there is a point at which too much government is bad. I believe Obama is demonstrating his monarchism by appointing very smart people without much emphasis on their loyalty to the people's revolution.

For a Democrat president, I can't be too upset with Robert Gates and Jim Jones in this cabinet.

Will said...

Speaking of sports recessions, is tonight's game on or not? The Thanksgiving NFL network game was on ABC -- was that just a one time deal? If Blago had been taped trying to bribe ABC to show Da Bearz he'd still have a favorable rating in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

it was on 6abc b/c it was the eagles and we were fortunate that 6abc picked up the 'cast. no game on tv tonight unless you have the nfl network.

Don said...

FYI - Here's your fall guy.,rahm-emanuel-blagojevich-obama-121108.article

Of course, the Obamessiah could not possibly have suspected this stuff goes on in Chicago. No not him. I sure the punishment of the One will be severe and swift (i.e. fire Rahm as chief of staff then hire him back six months later in a lesser role).