Friday, December 12, 2008

How did he get the fox urine?

This story immediately caught my eyes. A man who was fed up with some kids that had toilet papered his house sprayed the teens with fox urine. The article says he had a squirt gun filled with fox urine and sprayed them as they approached his house.

I am in complete disbelief. How can the report not indicate how on earth this man collected fox urine??!?!?!?!? Does anyone have any ideas how one would do so? Please educate me.


Don said...

Silly city folk... Here. There should be a Cabela's near you that has those over-priced clothes rich guys buy, because they think fly fishing is manly.

Here's a link.;jsessionid=2G15Y5RO2KWYVLAQBBICCOFMCAEFCIWE?id=0014800229218a&type=product&rid=0180101070502&cmCat=perf&cm_ven=performics&cm_cat=Google_NonBrand&cm_pla=hunt_hunt_scentscenteliminators&cm_ite=fox%20urine&_requestid=123480

Will said...

My old neighbor is trying (unsuccessfully) to enlist me in a scheme to kill a fox. He is convinced the best way to do this is by injecting poison deep into a piece of meat and leaving the meat out for the fox to eat. Previous attempts involving dipping the meat in poison were too obvious for the fox.

But, fox urine? That's a tall order.

julie said...

Do you mean Tim? Why does Tim think there is a fox on Kater Street?

Will said...

Tim has a buddy way out in the northeast who has a hen house with a marauding fox.