Monday, November 3, 2008


Chris Berman interviewed Obama and McCain at halftime of the Steelers-Redskins game. He asked what one thing they would each change about sports.

Obama said he would add a playoff system involving the top 8 teams to college football. He is "tired of computer models" deciding the champion. I agree. College football is the only NCAA sport that does not always have its champion crowned on the field. The college basketball is just as long as college football. Thus, the argument that the playoff games would interfere with the studies of the athletes is bunk.

McCain said he would aggressively pursue users of performance enhancing drugs in sports. He has been an advocate of this in his time as Senator, so no real suprise. The actual surprise was that McCain was pretty funny and used not one, but TWO Chris Berman catch-phrases and made Berman, as well as me, laugh pretty hard. And, I was all alone...did you ever notice that you laugh with less intensity when you are alone?? Anway, McCain said that he "could go all the way (staccato) the White House", and even though he is not being given much of a chance tomorrow by the pundits, "That's why they play the games". Berman fans know that these are two of his favs. Good job!


Will said...

Steve - how could the steelers throw to pothead holmes 1st and goal on the five?!?! after all HInes Ward and Willie Parker have done for them?!? I hate fantasy football

Cocameister said...

I hate it too. Had a 19 point lead going into the game...opponent had Steelers D.

Skins can't punch it in from 1 yard line, Campbell gets sacked 7 times, and after not intercepted all year long, throws 2 INTs including one with 19 secs left in game.

My fantasy game ends in a TIE because of Skins pathetic performance.

Anonymous said...

Has the Skins election record ever been wrong?

Will said...

why not just total points for the season? the weekly match ups are dumb since who you are 'playing' does not influence strategy. plus, the absentee owners who start people on their bye week skew the weekly W/L results. True, it gives you something specific to root for on any particular week but also ruins your life b/c you're watching a blow-out hoping santonio holmes doesn't get the ball. This may cause you to oversleep, missing your chance to vote early in the a.m., leading to the downfall of democracy and basic human freedoms.