Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, well, well...the NFL has succombed to the pressure put on by the fans and will broadcast the potentially (most likely) historic game between the Patriots and Giants on Saturday night on both NBC and CBS (that is unbelievable....a simulcast on both networks has not been done since 1966 for SB I). For those of you living under a rock, the Pats will be going for the first 16-0 season in the history of the NFL against the hapless Giants. Ok, so the Giants are 10-5, but com'on! Who have they beat? They have a chump of a quarterback who is listless and has the worst attitude I have ever seen (I think he is the stereoisomer of Tony Romo). They're running game is decent, if Jacobs can stay healthy and actually complete a full game, and this new kid Bradshaw has some fine wheels. But, the Pats are a team of destiny and on a mission to destroy every opponent every since the cheating scandal in the first game of the season. Plus, Brady needs 2 TDs to break the all time season record for passing TDs (Manning) and Moss needs 2 TDs as well to break the record for receiving TDs in a season (Rice).

I expect a big win from the Pats, 38-17. Then on to the Super Bowl, where Brady will win his 4th SB, and really will be considered in the top 5 all time for QBs, if not the greatest ever.


Meeta said...

Love it, Coca. I'm coming here for the highlights of the news from now on. Keep writing!

Will said...

stero-isomer of tony romo?!? where else would you find such enlightened sports analysis?